Idris Murphy - Empyrean - scattering of stars

Empyrean: scattering of stars is the intriguing title of the 2019 exhibition of leading Australian landscape artist Idris Murphy. In this sneak preview film, Idris talks with characteristic intelligence and humour about the work to be featured in the show, and gives us some insight into his philosophical and creative approach. The film was shot in April 2019 in Idris's studio in Kurnell in Sydney, just days before the exhibition opening, and Idris is surrounded by his works, some newly painted. The film was shot by Sean O'Brien, who has been collaborating with Idris on films since they first worked together in 2001 for the renowned arts documentary Two Thirds Sky. The exhibition will run at the King Street Gallery on William in Sydney from May 14 to June 8, 2019.


Idris Murphy - Two Thirds Sky


Idris Murphy Tide-Lands


Idris Murphy - Your Friend The Enemy


Idris Murphy exhibition Everywhen from Sean O'Brien

Idris Murphy walks and talks us through his recent exhibition, Everywhen, held at King Street Gallery on William from 09 July to 03 August. Critic with The Art Life, Andrew Frost, introduces the film with a reading from his review of the exhibition.


Idris Murphy paints in the studio from Sean O'Brien

Leading Australian contemporary landscape painter Idris Murphy shows and talks us through his methods in the studio. Idris has brought back several paintings which he began in the field, in places such as Fowlers Gap and Mutawintji in Far West NSW, and the Kimberleys in Northern WA, and he continues to develop these paintings in the studio. Amongst many topics, Idris discusses colour, composition, use of paint, memory, evoking place, and real presence. Filmed in May 2013 at Idris's studio in Kurnell, Sydney.


Idris Murphy paints in the field at Fowlers Gap from Sean O'Brien on Vimeo.

Artist Idris Murphy is one of Australia's leading landscape painters. Idris has been returning to Fowlers Gap in far west NSW for many years now, to draw inspiration for his renowned paintings. In this film, Idris shows us how he begins his paintings in the field. Spontaneity, improvisation, accidents, and strategic mark making all play their part. He's located in a creek bed near the Ochre House.


Idris Murphy introduces Not the Way Home from Sean O'Brien on Vimeo.

Artist Idris Murphy talks about the upcoming expedition, Not the Way Home, in which he and 13 other invited artists will be travelling to the desert in far west NSW, out past Broken Hill. They will be based at the Fowlers Gap Arid Zone Research Station for 14 days in May 2011, engaging with the arid landscape following drought breaking rains. ABC Open Illawarra producer Sean O'Brien will be accompanying the expedition to assist the artists to create and upload content daily to the blog: